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Tisco is The Source Behind the Industries™ in Indonesia. It has been established in 2008 and with constant effort and dedication has grown into one of the finest and most reliable industrial material supplier company. Today, Tisco is widely recognized as a foremost leader in the steel industry, located in the big city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Tisco is devoted to integrity, honesty and excellence with only the highest quality products. Inspired to meet the growing demand for steel, we source only the best quality raw materials from the most reputed manufactures across the world.

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Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta 33A
Jakarta Barat 10730
t : +62.21.6220 1222, 21.6220.3828, 21.6220.3829
f : +62.21.6261 353
email : worry_free@tiscometals.com